We sell the finest and freshest seafood in the Trenton, New Jersey-Bucks County, Pennsylvania Area


We're the Shack in the Back


Live Crabs by the dozen!  We carry large male crabs & female crabs...crabs of every size!


Shrimp & Clams in various sizes.  Taste the difference!  All of our shrimp are wild.  We do not carry farm-raised shrimp.  We do not carry Asian shrimp.

Fresh Clams & Ready-to-use Clams in juice by the pint.

Oysters & Ready-to-use shucked Oysters.

Cleaned, Ready-to-use Crabmeat by the pound.

Whole Fish

Fresh Fish Daily

All Fish cleaned to order


Porgies, Croackers, Sea Scallops, Bluefish, Mullet, Butterfish, Perch, Spots, Fresh & Smoked Whiting


Steak Fish:

Tuna, Swordfish, Mako Shark, Halibut (in season) and much more!



Salmon, Catfish, Flouonder, Hake, Cod, Tilapia, Bass, Shad, Mahi-Mahi, Red Snapper and more!

Frozen Fish

Crab Cakes, Breaded Shrimp, Frogs Legs (seasonal), Breaded Seafood Nuggets, Alaskan Crab Legs, Basa Fillets and delicious Lobster Tails


When shopping at The Crab Shack, be sure to bring along your cooler filled with ice to maximize freshness of our products.  Forgot your cooler?  We have crushed ice on hand at all times.




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